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Welcome to Overserved!

Ari & Maggie welcome you to Overserved, talk DJ Khaled's new spot in Chicago, entitled food writers & debut a segment called "Sip This"!

Chef Erick Williams of Virtue

Ari and Maggie are joined by Chef Erick Williams of Hyde Park's Virtue to discuss the difference between southern food and soul food, his unique start to the business and his philosophy of "service vs servitude".

Chef John Manion of La Sirena Clandestina/El Che Bar

Ari & Maggie welcome Chef John Manion of Chicago's La Sirena Clandestina and El Che Bar to talk his upbringing in Brazil and introduction to food, how the West Loop neighborhood has changed over the years since opening La Sirena and how he juggles being a parent and a chef.

Chef Jennifer Kim of Passerotto

Ari & Maggie are joined by Chef Jennifer Kim of Passerotto. The 2018 Eater Chicago Chef of the Year shares her upbringing, speaks out against toxic restaurant culture and much more.

Head Butcher/Chef de Cuisine Rob Levitt of Publican Quality Meats

Ari & Maggie chat with Rob Levitt of Publican Quality Meats about the butcher's relationship in a community, his start and why you shouldn't be scared of beef hearts.

Top Chef 10 Winner Kristen Kish of Arlo Grey (Austin, TX)

Overserved puts a non-Chicago chef in the hot seat for the first time! Join Ari & Maggie as they chat with Kish, the Top Chef Season 10 Winner and Head Chef of Arlo Grey in The LINE Hotel Austin. She talks her upbringing, how she handles conflict in the kitchen and much more.

Ever/Grace chef Curtis Duffy and GM Michael Muser

Ari and Maggie flip the normal format this week for a long interview with Curtis Duffy and Michael Muser, the team behind the Michelin Star-winning Grace and Avenues (and the subjects of the “For Grace” documentary on Netflix) to talk about their start, what happened with Grace, and what to expect from their forthcoming concept, Ever.

Adrienne Lo of Fat Rice

Ari and Maggie chat with Adrienne Lo, co-owner of Chicago's Fat Rice, The Bakery at Fat Rice and The Ladies Room. Hear about how her family tradition influences her work, the "backlash" around the restaurants tipping policy and more.

Ari Bendersky, Freelance Writer and founder of Eater Chicago

No guest this week! Instead, Maggie puts Ari in the hot seat to reflect on his time founding Eater Chicago, the shift in Chicago food + drink writing in the early 2010's and more.

Rodrick Markus, Master Tea Blender and owner of Rare Tea Cellar

This week's episode is a deep dive into the world of tea. Rodrick Markus might know more about the subject than anyone else alive today and he joins Ari and Maggie to talk about his history, the business of tea in the hospitality world and suggestions for tea drinkers whose experience begins and ends with Lipton or Sleepytime.

2019 Dining in Review … and Preview?

Looking back at some of our favorite openings of the past year, and those we can't wait to try before we close out 2019...also, Maggie's in the Hot Seat this week!

Geoff Watts, VP of Coffee for Intelligentsia

Ari & Maggie sit down with Geoff Watts, a man who knows more about coffee than most people know about anything. Hear about his travels and experiences searching for the best coffee in the world, the culture of coffee in other countries and learn once and for all what "direct trade" actually means!

Partner/Executive Chef Paul Kahan of One Off Hospitality

MICHELIN MADNESS kicks off this episode with Ari and Maggie recapping the 2020 Chicago honorees (2:00) before diving into a chat with Paul Kahan (10:20), the Chicago hospitality legend behind Blackbird, avec, The Publican, Big Star, Publican Quality Meats, Nico Osteria (and many more) and the author of the new cookbook Cooking for Good Times: Super Delicious, Super Simple. This one is a must-listen!!!

Brian Jupiter, chef/owner of Frontier/Ina Mae's Tavern

This might be the funniest episode we've ever done. Chef Brian Jupiter of Chicago's Frontier and Ina Mae's Tavern stops by to discuss his upbringing, the gang goes in-depth on mayonnaise (7:00), and Chef Jupiter shares the secret to A++++ gumbo (24:08)

Jenni Wagoner, Sommelier for Proxi and Sepia

Ari & Maggie are joined by Jenni Wagoner, the superstar somm extraordinaire behind the wonderful wine lists at Chicago's Proxi and Sepia. Learn about her history as a singer(!!!), making wine more accessible to all, and offers tips on how to navigate a wine list if you're a beginner.

Back To (Culinary) School

Earlier this fall, Ari and Maggie spent some time at Washburne Culinary Institute, one of the oldest culinary schools in the country. In this special episode, they talk with Associate Dean Greg Beachey and current student Jose Cruz about the venerable culinary school's history and how it provides opportunity for members of marginalized communities to become chefs.

Ina Pinkney, The Breakfast Queen of Chicago

It's the final episode of Season 1 so we called in the big guns: Ina Pinkney, the legendary restauranteur known as "The Breakfast Queen" who served Chicago the most important meal of the day for 30+ years from her spots in Lincoln Park and the West Loop. Learn how she got her start, her battle with polio as a young child, how obsessing over the details helped her stand out (33:00), her brief foray into local politics and civic engagement (47:03), how she helped get the citywide smoking ban passed (52:00), fun stories from her life like dancing with Fred Astaire (1:00:35) and her advice for restauranteurs (01:05:00, seriously though listen to this if you own a restaurant or plan to one day). Thank you all for listening to Season 1!

Mindy. F***ing. Segal.

Because we are all in desperate need of a little comfort and love, in the Season 2 premiere we sat down with Chicago’s OG queen of culinary cannabis and perfectly burnished pastries: Mindy Segal. The James Beard Award-winning owner of Bucktown stalwart Hot Chocolate and innovative mind behind Mindy’s Artisanal Edibles shares her journey into cooking and baking, her dancing alter ego and how to make proper cannabutter—for all those of us holed up and in need of weekend projects. And note, we recorded this just before the growing coronavirus pandemic required us to become shut-ins.

Erling Wu-Bower, executive chef and co-owner of Pacific Standard Time and The Laurel Room

It’s been just over a month since Gov. JB Pritzker issued a statewide ban on dine-in restaurants to slow the spread of COVID-19–all but decimating Chicago’s thriving dining industry. To help make sense of a harrowing few weeks for independent restaurants in particular, we chatted on Zoom with Erling Wu-Bower, executive chef and co-owner of Pacific Standard Time and The Laurel Room. This important episode covers what it looks like when a dine-in restaurant pivots to carryout, whether the federal government’s response will be enough to save independent eateries, and what listeners can do to help their fave spots (buy merch!). We’ll also hear about what this longtime chef is cooking at home during these trying times (hint: plenty of chicken).

Beverly Kim & Johnny Clark, co-owners of Parachute and Wherewithall

Since the statewide order for restaurants to shutter in-room dining to the public due to the COVID-19 crisis, Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark haven’t stopped working to feed their customers. The married James Beard Award-winning owners of Michelin-starred restaurant Parachute and the highly acclaimed newcomer Wherewithall, both in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood, shifted their business focus to carry out and delivery while still taking care of and home-schooling three young children. We spoke with the talented couple over Zoom about staying afloat financially and mentally in uncertain times, using Kickstarter to self-publish a mini-sized cookbook, how they eventually plan to re-open to the public — and why “Young Frankenstein” is the classic movie we all need to revisit for much-needed laughs.

Julia Momose, partner and creative director at Kumiko and Kikko

As Chicago's dine-in ban approaches two months, it was high time Overserved unpacked what the bar industry is up against. Enter Julia Momose, partner and creative director at Kumiko and Kikko and bartendress extraordinaire who also launched Cocktails for Hope, an initiative advocating for the sale of pre-mixed, sealed cocktails to-go, which are currently illegal in the state of Illinois. In this illuminating episode, we learn about Momose's tireless efforts to make cocktails to go a reality (and thus bring back jobs to the struggling bar industry), how she recreates the luxury of Kumiko in miniature through her to-go storefront, and the beguiling song that plays in her head whenever she mixes one of her impeccable cocktails.

Tony Dreyfuss, owner of Metropolis Coffee Company

Recession-proof as coffee may seem, this massive industry hasn't escaped the effects of COVID-19. In this illuminating, energetic (thanks to its highly caffeinated participants) episode, Ari and Maggie talk with Tony Dreyfuss, owner of Metropolis Coffee Co., on how the pandemic has forced his independent roastery to adapt, its enduring impact on coffee growers and cafe culture, and how Dreyfuss continues to challenge the notion of what "great" coffee is after 20 years in the business.

Cliff Rome, owner of Peach’s Restaurant

Cliff Rome is a longtime chef and powerhouse in Chicago’s restaurant industry and owner of five food and events businesses in Bronzeville, including Peach’s Restaurant. On this episode, Rome shares his history being one of a few Black chefs in the room and the infectious power of intentional community reinvestment. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent nationwide protests against police brutality that have exposed deep-rooted system abuse and racism in hospitality, Rome joins Ari, Maggie and Ernest to wade deep into the issues of justice, responsibility, cancel culture and empathy. Buckle up and get ready. This is one episode you don’t want to miss.

Alpana Singh, Master Sommelier and host of "Check, Please!"

Alpana Singh is the owner of Terra & Vine, the host of “Check, Please!” and is a master sommelier. At the time she earned that title, she was the youngest woman ever to achieve it and is still the only South Asian to claim it. In this episode, we discuss what it was like working at Everest at 23 years old, coming up in the wine world as a person of color and how that population is still under represented in wine. Singh shares her thoughts about reopening restaurants in the wake of COVID-19, shifting part of her restaurant to open a retail wine shop and how humor plays a big role in her approach to wine.

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